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Grade 0048
Filter mat made from a mixture of cellulose and polyester. This mat is used for optically testing baby food (artificial milk) for textile fibers.

Grade 72
Composite cellulose/glass filter loaded with activated carbon. Used to absorb radioactive iodine in air pollution monitoring and in nuclear installations.

Grade 287 ½
Kieselguhr paper with a medium to slow flow rate. Additional adsorption effect, e.g., for the separation of very fine semi-colloidal turbidity, for clarifying milk serum, starch solutions, soil suspensions or sugar-containing solutions prior to polarimetry or refractometry. Available prepleated.
硅藻土滤纸,慢中等流速。特殊的吸附效果,例如非常细小半胶状浑浊的分离:澄清在偏振货反射之前的奶粉、淀粉溶液、石油悬浮物或者含糖溶液。已折叠好的为Grade 287 ½,为折叠的未Grade 287。
Grade 551
Black colored paper with a medium to slow flow rate. Provides contrast for the detection of very fine traces of white precipitates.


Grade 2555 ½ 
A medium fast filter paper. Used for the filtration of the mash for the determination of the extract in malt and wort and for removing carbon dioxide from beer.

中速滤纸。用于过滤捣碎的麦芽和麦芽汁来测定提取物的活性碳酸钙含量皮昂,取出啤酒中的二氧化碳。已折叠好的为Grade 2555 ½,为折叠的未Grade 2555。

Soil analysis filter papers

Grade 0790 ½ 
Acid-washed paper with ash content of approximately 0.01%, low magnesium, for the determination of trace elements (Mg, Mn, Co, Cu, Mo, B).


Grade 512 ½ 
Low phosphate papers approximately 1.5 ppm phosphate, for the filtration of calcium lactate extracts from soil samples for the determination of K and P according to Egnér, Riehm and Lederle. Available prepleated.

Sugar/food industry filter papers

Grade 3000, 3002 and 3459

  • Dried beet pulp extracts 干甜菜废丝的提取
  • Beet juice after the addition of lead acetate for subsequent polarimetric sugar determination 在加入醋酸铅之后用偏振测定甜菜的糖含量
  • Grade 3459 is specifically designed for the Venema unit (lead acetate method)  Grade3459是特别为Venema uniti(醋酸铅方法)设计的
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